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At Meeker, we've been making cedar shakes longer than anyone in the business.

Logger PhotoOver fifty years ago, a man named Townsend "Toke" Meeker founded a forest products company. His goal was to produce the highest quality Western Red Cedar shakes available. And with a spark of innovation and a lot of hard work, Toke's vision became a reality.

In 1942, he pioneered a new manufacturing process for hand-split cedar shakes. This made it possible to mass produce high-quality shakes at a reasonable cost. From here, Toke began selling shakes. And with a commitment to "Shake the Continent," he successfully developed the cedar shake market in North America. Meeker cedar shakes became the roofing product of choice for the rustic homes of the Northwest, bungalows of California, ranch homes of the Midwest, and the shingle styled homes of the Northeast.

Today, Meeker continues to be the leader in cedar shake roofing. To this day, the Meeker family owns and operates modern cedar shake mills in the Pacific Northwest, where the Western Red Cedar has thrived for thousands of years.

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